Why WPC Material Would Be Ideal For Your Decking

20 April 2016
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Constructing a deck adjacent to your house is a great way of creating an outdoor living space. However, your choice of material is an important decision to make, as this could make the difference between a low and a high maintenance deck. One of the materials that is gaining traction in Australian homes is WPC decking. WPC stands for wood plastic composite decking. It comprises wood fibres, in the form of either sawdust or wood flour, mixed with poly vinyl chloride. Although considered more expensive than other conventional decking materials, it is economical in the long run due to its durability. Here are some of the reasons why WPC material would be an ideal choice to consider for your decking.

WPC is a low maintenance decking material

If you were looking for utmost convenience when it comes to the maintenance of your decking, wood plastic composite would be right up your alley. This material is designed to withstand various weather conditions that it is exposed to. As such, you do not have to be concerned with sealing the material in an attempt to protect it from harsh weather conditions such as high sun exposure, consistent rainfall and more. Additionally, other material used for decking such as timber and steel need constant repainting to maintain their appearance. This would be unnecessary with WPC decking, as its appearance will not degrade due to exposure to the elements.

WPC is a durable decking material

Since part of WPC material is made of of plastic, it tends to be more durable that pure timber products. With timber decking, you would have to contend with issues such as warping and cracking if the decking is exposed to erratic temperature changes. Heat will make the timber expand, whereas cooler temperatures make it contract, which compromises the structural integrity of the timber. The plastic in the WPC material enables it to maintain its structure, even when exposed to drastic temperature changes. Additionally, WPC decking is not susceptible to rot or pest infestations, thus making it a more durable option than conventional timber decking.

WPC is a safe decking material

If you have children in your home, undoubtedly their safety would be an important concern. When you opt for WPC material for your decking, you can rest assured that your kids will not acquire injuries caused by splintering of the deck. Additionally, the surface of WPC decking is slip resistant, which reduces the occurrences of falls on your deck.

For more information about this and other options, contact a local decking company.