How to Get the Best Performance from Your Two-Way Radio

19 November 2015
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Have you acquired two-way radios in order to keep your construction workers in touch with one another? Do you want to know how you can get maximum value from those two-way radios? Read on and discover three ways that you can use to get the best service from those two-way radios. Get the Highest Elevation Two-way radio makers indicate the maximum range that those radios can transmit or receive signals. However, that maximum range can be reduced by several factors such as the elevation of the place where the two-way radio is being used. Read More 

Different Signs Indicating That You May Require Alternator Repairs

16 November 2015
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To ensure that your vehicle starts up and stays running, it requires a significant amount of battery power. As such, your battery needs to have an energy reserve for it to keep your car running in optimum condition. The alternator works toward keeping this power reserve replenished. Keep in mind that your vehicle's power supply is not simply for enabling your car from moving from one point to another. This power also works toward keeping your car's lights on, the car radio working, power windows opening and closing and many other applications. Read More 

Tips for Troubleshooting an Electric Motor

3 August 2015
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An electric motor may be found in your home's hot water heater or any number of tools and other equipment. You may have an electric motor for a pressure washer or sprayer, or for an outdoor heater. No matter its use, an electric motor can sometimes be more difficult to diagnose and repair than a gas-powered motor, since it usually includes more wiring and other such parts. Note a few tips for troubleshooting an electric motor so you know if you can repair it or need to have it replaced. Read More 

Turning an Old Shipping Container into a Fabulous Guest House Is Easier Than You Think

31 July 2015
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You love to entertain guests and need more room to accommodate them. That doesn't mean you have to add on to your home. Instead, if you have a bit of space in your yard, you can easily convert a shipping container into a guest cottage. 1. Prepare the project If you want a cottage that is ready to use, look for used accommodations from oil or logging companies who lodge workers on site. Read More 

5 Reasons You Should Be Constructing Using Insulated Panels

2 July 2015
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Insulated panels are providing a revolutionary way of building homes, industrial parks and commercial spaces. Made of steel or structural timber boards, these panels are robust and contain an insulation core made of foam. They are available in different styles, finishes and designs. They can also be cut to fit your exact design specifications and accommodate features like vents or windows. So why leave the traditional construction techniques and use these panels for construction? Read More