3 Major Types of Convectional Material Handling Equipment

26 February 2015
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Material handling equipment have a wide range of application spanning from the food industry to the construction and manufacturing industry. Investing in some of these equipment is a huge leap for any company, both the small and large.

However, you need to know the kinds of equipment that are available. You can also use machine handling equipment to start up a business of your own. Here are some of the major categories you want to look into.

Major types of material handling equipment

The major categories of this equipment are two, convectional and computer aided equipment. Computer aided equipment uses technologically enhanced features. These devices are normally connected to computers which control their functioning.

Convectional equipment however, use manual power and they run via traditional motor systems. The three major categories of convectional systems are outlined below.

Storage equipment

This is equipment used in storing products in times when they are not being used. This equipment is normally not automated and some examples include shelves, pallets and carts. These devices are used for both long-term and short-term storage. They create order and prevent unwanted accidents from occurring by keeping unused material packaged. Companies are manufacturing these equipment in proprietary packaging that enables space to be conserved during storage. This further increases their efficiency.

Industrial trucks

These are motorized vehicles designed to transport products and materials from one location to another. These trucks can be electrically or manually operated and one of the major examples include hand trucks.

Industrial trucks are all designed differently to enable them perform their functions suitably, so you need to figure out the machine that is most convenient for you. Some trucks have a forklift while others are flat surfaced. Some will require you to ride in them while others can only be pushed.

Bulk material handling equipment

This equipment is used to move and transport materials in bulk. In most cases these pieces of equipment handle loose material such as chemicals, liquids, food and minerals. Examples of such equipment include conveyor belts, stackers, grain elevators and containers.

Material handling equipment has made industries achieve a higher level of efficiency an increase their throughput. The best way to maximize on them is by getting the equipment that best suits your business and those types will give you a clearer view about them. You can learn more by consulting with local experts and suppliers and connect with the right equipment.