Top Things You Might Not Know About Renting a Scissor Lift

14 September 2021
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If you and your employees need to be able to reach heights that you can't reach with your current equipment, and if you want a nice, sturdy platform that you can work from, then you could be looking into a scissor lift hire. Scissor lift rentals are common and can be very helpful for lots of companies and lots of projects. There might be things that you don't know about using these lifts, though, including some of the things listed here. Read More 

Top Benefits of Using a Metal Broom Bracket for Storing Brooms and Mops

26 May 2021
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Whether you're storing tennis court brooms and other essentials for taking care of your tennis court, cleaning equipment that is used in your place of business, or the brooms and other essentials that you use to keep your home neat and tidy, you should think about investing in a metal broom bracket. This simple investment is sure to be worth your while for these reasons and more. They Don't Cost Much Read More 

All There Is to Know About the Different Types of Laser Levels

4 March 2021
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Levels come in handy for various DIY projects around the home. Whether you are hanging pictures or your favourite artwork on the wall and you don't want them to look slanted, or you are working on any other projects that require precision, levels are the perfect tools you need. However, one of the major challenges that standard levels pose is that it can be quite hard to get the job done when you're working alone. Read More 

5 Tips for Efficient Cooling at Your Veterinary Clinic

11 December 2017
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If you're putting commercial air conditioning into your veterinary clinic, there are a number of factors you may want to consider. Some of these tips can also help you to use your current air conditioner more effectively: 1. Consider Zone Cooling Different areas of your vet clinic may need different amounts of cooling. For instance, you may want the rooms where you examine animals or meet with owners to be cooler than your kennels. Read More 

Top Reasons Why Engineering Plastics Are Constantly Becoming A Popular Choice For Parts Manufacturing

20 March 2017
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Metal has been the traditional choice of material for parts manufacturing. With the advent of engineering plastics, however, a lot has changed. More and more manufacturers can now make parts like couplings and pipe fittings from these specialised plastics instead of fabricated metal. Are there inherent benefits associated with the use of engineering plastics in the manufacturing industry? Sure there are, and they are quite significant ones in fact.  Read on to find out why the use of parts made of engineering plastics has been gaining momentum by the day. Read More