Three Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Scaffolding Service

9 January 2023
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Scaffolding is a vital part of any construction project that involves working at heights. It may seem simple enough to set up, and you may be tempted to use your own scaffolding rather than hire a professional company. In fact, there are some very good reasons why this could be a mistake.


This is the most important consideration. Scaffolding is not as simple as balancing some planks of wood on a few poles. The safe erection of scaffolding is something that can only be done by someone with training and experience. Putting up scaffolding in an improper manner could easily result in accidents to your workforce, which could result in heavy fines as well as injury or loss of life. A professional company will know how to put up scaffolding safely and will also carry out regular checks and inspections to ensure that your working practices are safe.


Secondly, scaffolding does not come in a one-size-fits-all kit. Every project is different and the scaffolding needs will change accordingly. The scaffolding must be put up in a way that is appropriate to the tasks to be carried out. Using whatever you have in the hope that it will work out can prove a costly mistake — you may find that the scaffolding is the wrong height, shape or distance from the work area, and will have to be replaced. This is a waste of time and money. A professional and experienced scaffolding company will get it right the first time.


Lastly, there is the convenience of having someone else do the preparation for you. When you are involved in a building project you will want to get on with the actual job and will not want to waste time preparing for it. Hiring another company to get the site ready for you will pay dividends in saved labour and time. Knowing that the scaffolding will be put up quickly and effectively, and then taken down again at the end of the job, frees you up to devote your resources to the work itself. You will not need to use your skilled workforce to do a job that could be done more efficiently by someone else.

Hiring a scaffolding company is the smart way of ensuring that your scaffolding is safe and effective, and saves you from extra labour. Just talk to a company today to find out how they can save you time and money.