The Advantages of Renting a Commercial Refrigerator for Your Establishment

26 February 2015
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If you own or operate a commercial eating establishment of any sort, you'll need a solid commercial refrigerator for your kitchen. This can be a very expensive investment, which is why you might consider renting the unit instead of buying, as there is less investment upfront for a rental unit. There are other benefits of renting a commercial fridge for your diner or restaurant; consider a few of these here.

1. No maintenance or repair costs

When renting a commercial refrigerator, you don't need to worry about maintenance or repair costs. When it breaks down, you can call the leasing company for repair or replacement. In turn, your facility will experience less downtime than if you needed to schedule repairs or had to face the expense of repairing your refrigerator.

2. No long-term commitment

A lease agreement may be for a certain amount of time such as two or four years, but even this is less of a commitment than if you purchased a commercial refrigerator. This gives you the freedom to upgrade the unit as needed, or to downsize the unit if you don't need as much space. You can do this more quickly and easily than if you purchased your refrigerator and then needed to sell it to invest in a unit that will work better for you.

Being able to upgrade or get new equipment within a few years also means that you have less risk of needing repairs over time. If you get a new refrigerator every three or four years, you're less likely to see downtime in your restaurant due to a fridge needing repairs as you'll always have a relatively new unit in your kitchen.

3. You may get better tax breaks with a rental unit

When you purchase a new refrigerator you can typically write off that purchase cost for that year alone along with small depreciation write-offs, but when you rent a unit you can often deduct that cost every single year of your lease. Even with depreciation, you may get a larger write-off with a rental unit. Check with your accountant to see if this would work for your financial benefit when it comes to your tax bill.

These are just a few of the advantages of renting or leasing a commercial refrigerator for your establishment. Remember that you might consider these advantages for other large pieces of equipment as well, and note if leasing commercial stoves, dishwashers, and specialty cooking equipment might be a better financial choice for you overall.

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