Lift Maintenance Services: 3 Additional Add-Ons to Consider Getting

15 May 2015
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All lifts in Australia must comply with standard regulations and must meet performance requirements and performance criteria parameters. This includes being able to serve 1 to 4 floors within 45 seconds, opening doors within 2 seconds and ensuring that the ambient noises inside the lift car are no greater than 55 decibels. Building managers and property owners may not necessarily have the technical skills required for lift maintenance, which is why you should consider subscribing to lift maintenance services. On top of the standard servicing, here are 3 additional add-ons that can make a huge difference.

Preparing for Emergencies with Entrapment Rescue Services

When the lifts malfunction, you want to make sure that you get anyone who is trapped inside the lift out as soon as possible. By adding entrapment rescue services to the lift maintenance servicing packages, you can better assure the safety of the end-users.         

Lift maintenance services that offer entrapment rescue services are able to guarantee that a technician will always be in your area, and can be dispatched immediately to your building in the event of an emergency. This reduces the time of entrapment, and also any risks that may be involved.

Minimizing Disruptions with Call-Out Services

Most lift maintenance services are scheduled for set times. If your lift is experiencing any problems, the problems will be solved during the scheduled maintenance time.  Although you can change the scheduled maintenance time, these standard services do not offer much leeway or room for changes.

Minimize overall disruptions by subscribing to call-out services. These services dispatch technicians as quickly as possible in between scheduled maintenance times to restore the lift's normal operation and repair any malfunctions that may be present. Help is always just a phone call away, and technicians will arrive with the tools and equipment needed to restore the lift operation in order to minimize disruptions.

This type of service add-on is generally crucial if your building has multiple stories or just a single lift. A non-operational lift may cause huge disruptions, as it may prevent many people from being able to get to certain floors.

Keeping Up with Maintenance Records and Monitoring Lift Condition with Software Programs

To make sure that you are fully aware of when any malfunctions arise, some lift maintenance services will install monitoring devices that send data to software programs installed on both your computer and theirs. These monitoring devices will determine whether there are any disruptions in services or any issues that need to be addressed immediately. The devices can also detect any abnormalities that may be a signal for concern.


Keeping the lifts in good condition can be difficult, especially if you don't have the knowledge or skills needed to make an informed decision. Standard lift maintenance services may not be sufficient, and you should highly consider adding these additional services for better servicing.