What Types of Custom Display Stands Do You Need in Your Commercial Facility?

26 May 2015
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The way you display your merchandise can greatly affect your store's or any commercial facility's overall bottom line. If customers cannot see merchandise, they cannot be impelled to buy—setting displays out in a particular way can actually help create a buying impulse. Unfortunately not all commercial facilities use custom displays or use them properly in their store or restaurant, and they overlook many opportunities when it comes to sales. Note a few types of custom display stands and other items you'll want in your commercial facility of any sort.

1. Register display cases

One reason why all commercial facilities need register display cases is that customers can look at items on display while they're standing in line, and this in turn creates impulse buys. This is why virtually every major store has things like packs of gum and candy bars for sale near their register. For your own facility, do the same but with items that may be impulse buys for your customer. For clothing stores, this can be jewelry and cologne, and for a restaurant, this can be single desserts. As customers wait for an open register, they can see these small items and you may notice that they sell quickly when displayed by the register.

2. Showing items in use

Don't assume that your customers have an imagination that can tell them how items will look when they're in use, once they're purchased and at home. Customers need to see how outfits can be put together, how a bed can be made with certain linen sets, what a prefabricated bathroom vanity will look like, and so on.

Every commercial facility should then purchase display cases that show items in use, or how they'll look once purchased and in the customer's home. By seeing this finished product, this too impels a customer to buy as it creates a desire in them to have that item at home.

3. For smaller items

It's never good to assume that customers can even find small items in your store, much less can they see them in a setting that will make them want to buy. If you sell jewelry, invest in custom displays that shows sets of them together. For hardware, invest in displays that show bathroom accessories. End cap displays and shelves on walls that are lighted from the back can go a long way toward drawing the eyes of your customers to these things and in turn, increasing their sales.

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