5 Reasons You Should Be Constructing Using Insulated Panels

2 July 2015
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Insulated panels are providing a revolutionary way of building homes, industrial parks and commercial spaces. Made of steel or structural timber boards, these panels are robust and contain an insulation core made of foam. They are available in different styles, finishes and designs. They can also be cut to fit your exact design specifications and accommodate features like vents or windows.

So why leave the traditional construction techniques and use these panels for construction? Read on to see why:

Simpler and faster construction

One of the advantages of using these insulated panels is that they are easy to install. Already fitted with insulation material, these panels eliminate the need to construct two wall panels. Instead, you only need one insulated panel. These panels are also easy to put up. They have grooves and rebated ends that make attachment easy. They can also be installed using brackets and nails. With only a few pre-cut panels needed on any wall, installation is fast and easy.

Save money on labor and finishings

Insulated panels are cost-effective too. With less work needed to install, and fewer installation days required, you get to reduce labor costs drastically. Smaller insulated panels can be handled by just two people while larger panels need to be hoisted with a crane. On top of that, metallic panels are available in painted finishes which eliminates the need for external cladding or internal plasterboard installation. This will save you more time and money on your construction.

Better climate control

With insulated panels, you'll never have to worry that your structures are not insulated well enough. Constructing using these panels means that every inch of your wall or roof has an insulation core inside. Insulated panels are therefore more liable when it comes to thermal proofing. They'll keep heat out during warm days and cold air out during winter and autumn months or cold nights. As a result, your property will be more energy-efficient, thereby saving you on air conditioning costs in the long term.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance of insulated panels is also easy. Since your insulation is already manufacturer-installed with solid foam, you won't ever need to go through the extensive process of ever having to re-insulate due to pests, water damage or dirt. On the exterior, your panels will only need aesthetic touches when the need to do so arises. This may include painting or re-touching plaster.

Better fire protection

Last but not least, insulated panels also offer better fire resistance. Most of the panels sold contain a fire-resistant foam core. When your construction is complete, this core will help prevent spread of fires to your home or between rooms. In addition to that, the thermal properties of the insulation will help regulate heat during fires better. This can help prevent injuries and property damage during a fire.

To see how your property can be built using this technology, contact an insulated panels installation expert and get a brief of installation and material needs. From there, you can make your order and start building.