Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Double Glazed Windows

5 January 2016
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Double glazed windows refers to windows with more than one pane of glass in them; this type of glazing can keep a home more insulated and comfortable and is often a favorite choice for homeowners who are installing new windows. If you're thinking about double glazing for your windows, you might wonder why there is such a huge price difference between your choices and if it's the right option for your home. Note a few commonly asked questions about double glazed windows, as these might help you decide if you want double glazing for your home.

1. Will double glazing cut down on outside noise?

Very often, the more layers of material that you have between your home and the outside, the more insulated your home is against noise from traffic, schools, and the like. However, you cannot assume that double glazing on its own will make much of a noticeable difference. Usually the type of glass used for your windows and the thickness of the panes will be more important than if the windows are simply double glazed. Some glass is meant to reflect sound waves rather than allow them to pass through, and thicker panes can add even more insulation overall. If noise is a consideration for your home, be sure you choose windows specifically meant for noise reduction no matter the number of panes or glazing options.

2. Does double glazing increase a home's security?

As with noise reduction, don't assume that double glazing makes your home more secure. You want to choose safety glass if you're worried about someone breaking a widow; this refers to glass of a certain thickness and strength that resists impact and shattering. Opt for glazing that is done inside the windows so that the panes can only be removed from inside the home. Note too that a window's locking mechanism will also be an important factor for keeping your home safe, so invest in windows with heavy-duty locks, even if they're double glazed.

3. Why are some double glazed windows filled with argon?

Argon is a gas that is often used between panes in a double glazed window, and it provides more insulating properties than simple air. If you upgrade or invest in argon-filled double glazed windows, you may see lower utility bills overall. You may also notice that your home simply feels more comfortable, as the inside windows won't get warm or cold themselves, as they're protected by that layer of argon.

For more information about double glazed windows, contact a local window installation company.