Customise a Metal Fireplace Grate Using These Fun Ideas

29 March 2016
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A metal fire grate holds the wood in your fireplace as it burns. These grates perform a simple function, but that doesn't have to restrict how they look. You can work with a metal fabricator to select a metal grate that emphasises your personal sense of style. To inspire you, take a look at these tips and ideas:

1. Play with shapes.

Typically, fireplace grates mirror the shape of the fireplace, and if you have a triangular or round fireplace, you may need to invest in a custom fabricated round or triangular grate. However, you can also use shapes to create a compelling visual contrast -- for example, you can soften the edges of a rectangular fireplace by popping an oval metal grate into it.

2. Mark it with your name.

Metal fireplace grates usually have rails or prongs to hold the wood from rolling out of the grate. However, that isn't your only option. You can also ask a metal fabricator to craft your surname out of metal and attach the letters to the front of the grate.

3. Consider fun decorations.

Your name isn't the only decorative flourish possible. Instead, consider having a metal fabricator add a set of spooky metal cat sculptures to the side of the fireplace grate, or ask them to put a bird on it. Alternatively, you can ask the metal fabricators to weld metal horseshoes to the grate or other found objects that represent your interests.

4. Make it functional.

Fireplace grates don't just have to hold wood. If you like, you can customise a metal grate that has shelves for cooking food. Then, you pop a cast iron pan onto the shelves and use your fireplace as a secondary cooking space in your home.

5. Add an ashtray.

Most metal fireplace grates are open on the bottom. They hold the firewood, but as the firewood burns, they allow the ash to drop onto the floor of the fireplace. Then, you have to sweep it out as needed.

If you want to avoid this chore, customise a metal grate with an ashtray built into it. An ashtray is a small metal drawer that slides in and out underneath the grate. It collects the ash, and when it's full, you just pull out the drawer and pour the ash into your ash bucket.

For more ideas on custom metal fireplace grates, consult with a metal fabricator.