Five Tips for Cleaning FRP Decking

4 October 2016
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FRP decking is a great alternative to other flooring materials, especially in factories or commercial environments with lots of caustic agents or risks of spills. The slip-resistant material of FRP decking as well as its mesh structure that allows liquids to fall through the grates, mean that you don't have to clean FRP decking that often. However, you may want to clean it once and awhile, and here are some tips to help you:

1. Install drains under decking to make cleaning easier.

Keep occasional cleaning in mind when putting in your FRP decking. If you are putting the decking on top of concrete flooring, consider putting drains under your decking. That way, when you clean the decking, any water that is left under the decking can flow to the drain.

2. Monitor your FRP decking so you know when it needs cleaning.

Ideally, someone on your staff should do a walkthrough of the facility once a day or more often as needed in your facility. They should visually assess the decking for any debris, dirt, oily patches or damage. If the decking is clean, a quick tick mark on a check list allows you to track that you checked it -- that can be important in liability cases.

If the decking isn't clean, there should be a process in place for the person doing the check to alert a manager so he or she can dispatch a cleaner to the area.

3. Cover nearby items to protect them from water.

If you have frp decking over machinery, cover it before you clean the decking. In most cases, a waterproof tarp works perfectly. Additionally, if you plan to pressure wash frp decking that is directly on the floor, you may want to cover nearby equipment so water doesn't splatter on it.

4. Gather the cleaning products.

To clean decking, you can use a pressure washer or a mop with a bucket of water and some cleaning products. When choosing your cleaning products, look for one that works with plastics, but also, make sure that it works in your environment. For example, if you have lots of oils, you need a cleaner that can cut through that, while if you have stains on the plastic, you may need to use a cleaner with bleach.

5. Clean the frp decking.

Finally, you are ready to clean your FRP decking. Mop or pressure wash it as you normally would flooring. Then, rinse the decking thoroughly. Finally, let it air dry or use a dry mop to sop up excess water and speed up the process.