5 Tips for Efficient Cooling at Your Veterinary Clinic

11 December 2017
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If you're putting commercial air conditioning into your veterinary clinic, there are a number of factors you may want to consider. Some of these tips can also help you to use your current air conditioner more effectively:

1. Consider Zone Cooling

Different areas of your vet clinic may need different amounts of cooling. For instance, you may want the rooms where you examine animals or meet with owners to be cooler than your kennels. If you have a lot of windows or doors opening from the kennels to the outside, you may want the ability to turn off the AC in those areas while still keeping it on in your exam rooms. Different zones make all of those things possible.

2. Make Sure You Have Adequate Ventilation

Whether you opt for wall units or a full heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, you need to ensure that your vet clinic has enough ventilation. The odours, germs and bacteria in your vet clinic can build up without proper ventilation. You may want to talk with the AC installer about adding ventilation fans that you can turn on as needed, especially after animals make large messes or other odours are present.

3. Add an Air Purifier

A home with just a couple of pets has all kinds of dander, pet hair and dust in the air. When you are dealing with a veterinary clinic, all of this is multiplied almost an infinite number of times. To preserve your indoor air quality, you may want to invest in an air purifier. In some cases, you can integrate a purifier with your existing air conditioner. In other cases, you may want a freestanding air purifier.  

4. Clean AC Filters

Whether you have an air purifier or not, you should change the filters on your AC on a regular basis. In most cases with a commercial air conditioner at a vet clinic, you need to change the filter more often than you do in other circumstances. Ask your installer how to find the filter, how to clean it and how to replace it.

5. Invest in an Automatic Thermostat

As a vet, you are busy all day long, and it can be hard to remember to change the thermostat throughout the day. To help you, consider investing in an automatic thermostat. Then, you can direct the system to change temperatures as desired during the day. You can also get one that connects to an app so you can turn on or off your AC remotely.

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