5 Tips for Efficient Cooling at Your Veterinary Clinic

11 December 2017
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If you're putting commercial air conditioning into your veterinary clinic, there are a number of factors you may want to consider. Some of these tips can also help you to use your current air conditioner more effectively: 1. Consider Zone Cooling Different areas of your vet clinic may need different amounts of cooling. For instance, you may want the rooms where you examine animals or meet with owners to be cooler than your kennels. Read More 

Top Reasons Why Engineering Plastics Are Constantly Becoming A Popular Choice For Parts Manufacturing

20 March 2017
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Metal has been the traditional choice of material for parts manufacturing. With the advent of engineering plastics, however, a lot has changed. More and more manufacturers can now make parts like couplings and pipe fittings from these specialised plastics instead of fabricated metal. Are there inherent benefits associated with the use of engineering plastics in the manufacturing industry? Sure there are, and they are quite significant ones in fact.  Read on to find out why the use of parts made of engineering plastics has been gaining momentum by the day. Read More 

Five Tips for Cleaning FRP Decking

4 October 2016
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FRP decking is a great alternative to other flooring materials, especially in factories or commercial environments with lots of caustic agents or risks of spills. The slip-resistant material of FRP decking as well as its mesh structure that allows liquids to fall through the grates, mean that you don't have to clean FRP decking that often. However, you may want to clean it once and awhile, and here are some tips to help you: Read More 

What To Do When Your Fire Alarm Beeps Continuosly

10 August 2016
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Fire alarm systems are reliable life savers and they have greatly reduced fire accidents ever since they were invented. However, the technology smoke detectors use -- the beeping sound -- can also turn out to be a nuisance; this happens when the system beeps continuously. It is not only a nuisance when the fire alarm keeps on beeping but it can also deny you a good night's sleep if the beeping starts at night. Read More 

Quick Tips for Choosing the Perfect Air Cannon for Your Silo

15 July 2016
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If you own a silo, you will realise that materials may sometimes get stuck to form a bridge along its length, slowing down the flow of the materials. In order to solve this problem, you will need an air cannon. This device is attached to the side of the silo and functions by giving the materials a quick air blast, preventing them from getting caught in areas of build-up, clogging the openings of any chutes or hoppers, and clinging to the walls. Read More